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Happy Places ~ Changing Hands Bookstore

What do you get when you combine wine, chocolate, and great books all in a wonderful beautiful setting? You get one happy girl (that would be me) in Changing Hands Bookstore up on Camelback Road and Third Avenue.

While lovely and amazing, even the bookstores in Paris and Venice that I loved do not compare to Changing Hands bookstore. Not simply a bookstore, Changing Hands is a community meeting place hosting meetings, literary events, plays and special presentations, and even a wedding or two. Being able to purchase a glass of wine (or beer) and wander about the rows of books is magical. Their kids section is perfect for little ones and in addition to books they have gifts ranging from the beautiful to bizarre. I mean, where else can you get unicorn snot?! For the record, it's pretty. Unicorn snot that is.

Check out their website below, but note their hours are just wonderful, too!

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